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Kitchen, bathroom, windows, plastering...which job do we start with?

We are looking at getting a few things done to our house and I'm unsure which job to start with. We are getting done:

Kitchen/Diner knock-through (requires RSJ)
Installation of new kitchen
Replacement of all windows
Plastering of almost entire house (walls skimming & ceilings re-boarding)
Instalation of new bathroom
New carpets

Obviously carpets would be the last thing we do and I know we can't get measurements for the kitchen until the knock-through is done. And I presume that the plastering would be next to last? Should the RSJ be done first to limit any accidental damage done to new windows or new bathroom, which is directly above the kitchen.

I just don't want to do one job to have it ruined by a later job.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

2 Answers from MyBuilder Window & Door Fitters

Hi, wow you have a lot going on :) this is the order I would do:
1: Fit your RSJ and knock through (messy job)
2: Fit Your windows
3: Plaster the house
4:Apply a mist coat of paint on all walls ( emulsion mixed 50:50 with water)
5: Fit kitchen
6:Fit bathroom
7: complete painting (including any under coating/glossing required)
8: Carpets
9: have a pint and relax :)

hope this helps


Ian (Ideal Property Maintenance)


Answered 29th May 2014

Get all the structural work done first, then windows, then plastering, then kitchen & bathroom.
Well that's the way I would do it.


Answered 29th May 2014

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