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We would like to fit a parquet floor with underfloor heating ontop

of wooden floorboards. The parquet is reclaimed, so solid wood - sapele. Do we need to put a layer of ply between the u/f heating mats and the parquet? We want it to be thin enough to let the heat through but stable enough so it does not creak. Thanks.

We have found u/f heating suitable for solid wood and where we are buying it from says it is suitable to use with u/f heating. Should we latex over the floor and stick to this?

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I agree with most of the above but I think he meant the solid boards would shrink not expand.
If you increase the moisture content of timber it will expand.
If you decrease the moisture content of timber it will shrink.
If you put heat under timber it will shrink.
Engineered boards are much less likely to shrink because of the crossed grain of the ply but you need to remember that it is still timber.


Answered 25th Feb 2011

Hi, most manufacturers don't recommend using underfloor heating for solid wood flooring. Underfloor heating should really only be used under laminate or engineered boards that are being laid over a suitable underlay. You would need to latex over the u/floor heating to create a smooth, flat base to stick the parquet to. Even with a stuckdown floor the heat generated by by the u/floor heating will cause the parquet to expand quite considerably over a short period of time. Some fitters do use u/floor heating with solid flooring but this invalidates any warranty and is not recommended. Also if the boards are to be stuckdown the adhesive would never set due to the heat genarated.


Answered 24th Feb 2011

for solid wood flooring to be heated underneath, you will need to use a low wattage heating mat and lay an insulation board between the floorboards and the heating mat. The top flooring will only be affected if the wrong type of heating mat is used. Please get in touch with us if you require further info on this. We have carefully researched this after many enquiries of this requirement. You will need to use an electrician to connect the thermostat to the mains once the mat has been laid.


Answered 25th Feb 2011

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