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Footing depth for upvc panelled / glazed conservatory

Hello, wonder if you can point me in the right direction.

Im looking to erect a 2nd hand conservatory which is entirely made from UPVC panels / Glazing.
At present it has no footing what so ever and has been noted that it doesn't meet building regs as there is no footing. It is currently mounted on a 100mm concrete base ( which im to dismantle and destroy this weekend)

My question is what depth footing would be needed?
all the information I can find provides infor for footings on dwarf walls, extensions. However due to the conservatory being only made from UPVC panels and Glazing would this reflect the depth of the footings needed?
Eveywhere I read indicates to support a dwarf walls I would need a min of 600mm depth to 900mm, but how about to only support panels and glazing?
and help would be appreciated
many thanks,

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650mm X 300mm dig with 300mm of filled concrete is a must in my opinion.
Depends on the ground but why take any chances, What ever you build, its going to cost you money, so get it right from the start. Footings are the most important.


Answered 3rd Nov 2017

Unfortunately your research is correct depth of dig needs to be minimum of 650mm x 300mm filled with concrete 300mm . There aren't many good builders who would say different. However that is a building regulation and if you do not require building regulations to check, common sense must prevail consider the ground you are digging , if it is soft like pudding try and find hard ground if you now at 650mm fill with 300mm of concrete and take a photo to prove your at regulation depth for future reference. If your ground is hard digging take it down 300mm fill with 200mm concrete one brick course this should be plenty for a diy job.


Answered 3rd Jun 2014

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