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Hi laying a patio for a customer builders before have built a conservotry but have left the downpipe not going any where ,

I would like to put a drainage pipe into a nearby manhole however the manhole is made up from oblong concrete sections . I realise I am supposed to go into the bottom of the manhole however this is impracticle , how easy -hard is it to go in through the side . I have also checked that it is not a sewer pipe.Any suggestions other than digging a soak away Thanks Looks like i will be digging a soakaway Thanks everyohe

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hi,first suggestion is putting the pipe in a water container ,than you have the water for the garden,secondly you can excavate down the side of the concrete and drill a core hole in and then you can put your downpipe through that on a bend.many thanks nick

Answered 24th Feb 2011

kentish builder

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you could cut a hole near the top using a core cutter. then extend the downpipe into the manhole and put a elbow on with glue then put another downpipe on so its about 1" from the bottom of the manhole..

Answered 24th Feb 2011

northview property mainenance

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Hi. From my experience it will be very difficult to get access to the manhole through the concrete sections as they are reinforced with steel and its likely you will crack the section you attempt to go through. I think your best option is a soak away to be honest!

Answered 24th Feb 2011

R.Hughes Building and Conservation Ltd

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if the manhole has not been surrounded with concreate u should be able to dig down the just above invert level and core drill it or stitch drill it draw round the pipe then drill round it like a dot to dot then break it out with hammer some may have steel in them .then feed ur pipe in cut it to suit the flow then grano it up job done

Answered 24th Feb 2011


Member since 18 Jun 2008

break a hole where its easiest and extend the pipe down to the bottom and put a bend on it the bench around the hole to seal it. Usually manholes are of smooth concrete finish but sometimes they are plastic. The idea is to stop splash and the sound of running water. The smoother you get the water running the better, without compromising the flow of the water at invert level. If it was a live foul pipe you would have to go in at invert level from the outside and do a professional job but being rainwater it is not as important. If it is for building control then you need to do it as if it was a foul pipe.

Answered 7th Mar 2011

ibuild building services

Member since 28 Jun 2008

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