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Looking for apprentice electrician job in county durham area

i am willing to work for free to gain experience you can email me on so i can send a c.v

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When I first went looking for a job in the construction industry, the first thing I did was write a blanket letter to over 100 companies in my area, you'll be amazed at how many offers you get.

Good luck


Answered 23rd Jul 2011

Good on you but first impression of your written quest is the i Tut, Tut, it is absolutely imperative when sending out your CV that you make the effort to get it right every part so when you have it find someone who can check it properly for spelling and Grammar if possible and content.
When you go for an interview you need to be on time not more than 3 to 4 minutes early not a minute late Shake hands and make proper eye contact, the rest is up to you but even for an apprentice electrician you need to wear trousers and a shirt at least look clean and present yourself as normal workers would if you go in with trousers hanging round your knees and looking like an out of work not interested teenager you have no chance remember the guy who is going to employ someone to represent his company and whose customers want a respectable electrician all want you to be honest and reliable clean smart and tidy. Then they want someone who is practical can read and write and do maths remember you will only have a short time to show that you are right for the job. Don't expect any one to email for your CV find out every company in your area either ring up and ask for their email and who to contact or send in your CV by post then follow up within a week to see if anyone is interested. If you are keen and clean someone will give you a chance also check out your local college asap for courses they also know if there are any Government schemes to help company's take on apprentices they may help you.
the last apprentice I employed came with the help of our local collage and a government scheme 2 years ago so good luck and dont give up if its what you want keep going for it there are jobs out there. but it costs money for someone to employ apprentices for the first 2 years so the company that employs you is making an investment in their future so you have to be worth it.


Answered 26th Aug 2011

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