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Gas pipes behind plasterboard

I am working on a knock through from lounge to garage but in the garage I have gas pipes on the wall that I need to flase wall and plasterboard over. Can the pipes stay behind the plasterboard if they are cladded or do they need to be re-routed?

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The pipes can stay were they are. You won't need to reroute them. The only advise is to make measurements and note were they are in the wall. It would be no different to how pipes are ran in new build properties.


Answered 30th Apr 2014

Gas pipes in studded/solid walls need now to be constructed of steel or TRACPIPE®

Lead gas pipe is now outdated and potentially unsafe as it may be easily damaged, you do not state the type of pipe in situ, so if it is neither of the top above mentioned then please remove a fit new pipe accordingly. (Only use a Gas Safe engineer to undertake this work if required)


Answered 30th Apr 2014

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