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Induction hob power supply


I am considering replacing my current free standing gas oven with a built in electric oven and induction Hob. As I understand it, an induction Hob needs a special power supply. Currently, their is a double plug by my current cooker and their is a separate ring main for the kitchen sockets in the fuse box. Will this have to be upgraded to a separate cable run from the fuse box to the hob ? I am nervous that this could be a big job as my fuse box is in the basement, while the cooker is at the back of the house.

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New radial circuit from your consumer unit, easy enough to do



Answered 22nd Jul 2011

Usually it needs new circuit breakers(32Amps) , new 6sqmm Cable from your Consumer Unit, Cooker switch and Cooker outlet. That job cost around 60.00-80.00 Pounds + materials.And this circuit must be RCD protected.
Also, as it is job in kitchen, it needs notify Building control.You should get Electrical Instalations Certificate with Test result from your electrician.
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Answered 23rd Jul 2011

It will have to be a separate fused spur from the box. Not an expensive job though as it's fairly straight forward.


Answered 22nd Jul 2011

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