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Size of armoured cable required

House was rewired two years ago and the electricion put a sepperate feed on the CU for power to a shed I was going to put in down the bottom of the garden. There is a junction box on the side of the house which is to connect the cable to take the power to the shed.
I'm looking to have a 'mini' CU installed in the shed which will have power for a freexzer and garden tools, lighing for the shed, and lighting for the garden.

The shed is approx 25m from the juncion box.

The question I have is what size SWA cable would i need to lay to be connected to the 'mini' CU to run the above requirements, and in addition, if in a few years I wanted to add a jacuzzi, what cable would be required for that.

Many Thanks in advance for your assistance

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I would answer your question but the last time I answered a question it got removed without explanation. So I wont bother any more.


Answered 21st Jul 2011

6mm would be fine for freezer tools & lighting would need to upgrade to 10mm to add a jacuzzi but check on the size/model you would like to install as the power requirements vary. NOTE:PART P APPLIES TO OUTSIDE WORKS.
N.B. It is important to note that the cable already installed to the junction box from your main consumer unit needs to be minimum the same size as the cable run to the shed.


Answered 21st Jul 2011

I would recomend 6mm three core armoured cable
Regards israr


Answered 21st Jul 2011

6mm would be fine, need to have RCD protection



Answered 22nd Jul 2011

6 mm would be fine with rcd protection ensuring the the steel wire is earthed correctly


Answered 19th Oct 2017

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