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Restoration of stonework - took off plaster covering front of house and pointed with sand/cement/sealant - how can i ensure i do not have any damp problems?

I live in a tiny terraced house who’s first records start in the early 1900’s. I have lived there over 15 years but have recently purchased the property and decided to take off the plaster covering the front of the house myself (due to lack of funds !) and see what condition the stone was in …than made the apparently fatal mistake of pointing it with sand/cement/sealant. I have since learnt that this was probably not the best idea ! I was wondering how I could ensure that I do not have any damp problems as a results ?

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will really depend on the condition of the stone as to how long any water will take to make ingress into the property,remove the cement pointing and re-point with 3.5 N.H.L lime mortar,their is no cement or additives, it is hydraulic lime , NOT HYDRATED. it is available from varies outlets on the net you can buy it in tubs or bags usually delivered to your door so you can purchase to suite your pocket. although the overnight temperature is still a little bit to erratic to carry it out at this time of year.



Answered 18th Apr 2014

Hi there, apart from sealant being painted on stone work which you have already done, the proper way would have to have used hydraulic lime 2m grit and washed sand. As using lime allows for movement expansion and contraction and does not crack as lime really does not go off forms a hard top layer as it gradually weatheres. But using cement will not do the same thing going hard and in many cases stronger than the stone which when you experience expansion the cement will either pull the face off the stone or leave gaps behind the stone allowing in water causing damp and in winter when it freezes blows the pointing.
Thanks, tom limestone construction and masonry


Answered 18th Apr 2014

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