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When removing a fireplace, what to do with the big hole under the chimney breast? can i insert a cupboard or a small bookcase?


The fireplace is currently fitted to an area of bricks. We would like to remove the fireplace. What do people usually do with the big hole left?

Can we do the following:
1) lay a similar brick wall
2) insert a storage space (say cupboard or bookcase)
3) insert a lot pieces of wood (horizontally into the fireplace)
4) buy a smaller electric fireplace

What is the most economic way? Thank you so much!

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Correct above comment , capping stops the rain coming/ getting in , but make sure the capping is a cowl that provides the chimney to breathe / ventilate . I would also recommend what ever you are going to fit , it is recommended that if you are going to block of the chimney / fireplace you should think about fitting a vent to provide airflow in the chimney or dampness will build up in the future .

Also i see many people when they open up the fireplace that if they do not intend to use as a fire , they sometimes put dried flowers or candles in the opening !!

Hope this helps .


Answered 3rd Aug 2011

yes you can do all of the above ... you just got to cap the top of the chimney of to stop the water coming in ... and then you can do what you want ...


Answered 30th Jul 2011

^^^^^ As above.

Fit a breather cowl to the top of the flue to prevent rain/jackdaws/squirrels from being able to get into the flue. Seal off the bottom of the flue with a plate if you are going to use the area for storage or an air brick if you are going to brick it up. This will allow a free flow of air to pass through the flue and prevent any build up of condensation meaning no damp patches.


Answered 19th Aug 2011

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