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We want to extend the life of our flat roof. need to gently sweep off gravel and moss and then seal with thomsons roof seal? ok?

do we need to be prepared to do anything else? roof is not leaking at the moment.

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hi,been doing flat roofing work for 30yrs,my advice is keep off the roof ,save your pennies and put in towards a re felt,i dont rate any of these diy products,also if we price a roof that is painted or sealed in similar diy products we charge more ,because they are harder and more time consuming to strip up.


Answered 23rd Jul 2011

hi no should be fine but do take care when sweeping and do it really gently and dont shovel the chipins up put on some gloves and use your hands hope this help High Top Roofing.


Answered 20th Jul 2011

Acropyl with fibres is definately the best way forward!


Answered 21st Jul 2011

I agree with rmb contractors, keep off, don't go near it. If it ain't broke don't try to fix it


Answered 15th Oct 2013

When you clean of your roof, if it is in good condition then give it a couple of coats of Solar Reflective paint, you need protection from the sun.
If theres any signs of deteriation in the felt, then give it a couple of coats of Acropyl.
If the roofs sound, this will give you a few more years.


Answered 20th Jul 2011

painting your roof with thomsons roof seal will not extend your roof life. old flat roof system is best left alone if not leeking, if your conserned of the roof condition then you should replace before leeking starts, as water damage could cost more than the roof covering re-placement.


Answered 20th Jul 2011

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