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Double glazing units have 'popped'

I recently cleaned guttering out on a property along with their conservatory. When I cleaned the guttering out I leant my ladders flat against the gutters near to a corner of the conservatory. I only leant them up in 1 place as once up there it was only the corner piece of the gutter that needed cleaning due to gutters running the wrong way.

Since I left this job, 3 windows have popped and steamed up, 2 of which aren't on the side that I cleaned.

Experts on double glazing, can I have caused this or is it just coincidence that the last few days we've had sunny/wet cold/warm weather adding cause to this?

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Just coincidence.
If you mean the units have failed "popped & misted up"
Are the customers saying you have done this?


Answered 15th Apr 2014

I would agree with the last comment just coincidence


Answered 21st Apr 2014

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