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We need a carpet fitted in our lounge; can we have it fitted when we can't empty the room?

We currently have laminate wood flooring in our living room.
We have recently bought a carpet and would like to have it fitted on top.
My questions are:
One: Can a carpet be fitted on top of laminate wood flooring without causing any damage?
And two: We have two large sofas’ that cannot come out of the room. Will anyone fit a carpet with this problem?
Many thanks

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Leaving the furniture in the room isnt a problem, as a carpet fitter i would fit half the room then move the items from the unfitted end onto the fitted end . As long as the floor doesnt have bounce and is solid then the laminate can stay down but i would always recommend removing it. If you dont want to cause any damage to the laminate then you can use a underlay called durafit which you then stick the carpet to which means you dont have to use gripper . Hope that answers you questions if you need any more information please get in contact regards jason


Answered 20th Jul 2011

I would say if the laminate is solid with no bounce or movement then yes! But if im honest i would pull it up.
Also a carpet fitter will start on one side and work across the room,so with that in mind im sure as he gets midway then the sofa`s could be moved onto the new fitted carpet so he can continue.Unless its a very small room! Im sure he would help you out if needs must.

Good Luck.


Answered 19th Jul 2011

You will not be able to fit the carpet without gripperod which is either glued or nailed around the edges both will damage the laminate.

The sofas could be worked around


Answered 19th Jul 2011

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