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What's the warmest underlay for carpets and cushioned floors? are insulation boards/tiles suitable as a base with underlay and carpet on top? can carpet grippers be fitted on top of insulation boards?

I think the floor is chipboard over a garage and the garage ceiling is already insulated with Kingspan. The bedroom above has a carpet and the bathroom above cushioned wood effect flooring. These rooms are colder than other rooms and the floors are cool. There is no underlay in the bathroom and a basic thin sponge underlay under the bedroom carpet. I'm thinking of getting some underlay sorted for both rooms and am hoping that insulation boards would help. Can carpet grippers and the carpet go back on top of these insulation boards ? Maybe some thermal underlay on top of the boards would help too?
Many thanks, Ashley

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Hi ashley
have never tired putting insulation boards under the carpet before so not really sure if that would work as depending how solid they are would depend on if the gripper could be used on them.

My recommendation would be first putting paper felt down taping all the joints this would stop any draft, also seal the skirting board to the edge of the floor with a sealant to all stop any draft there. I would then recommend a underlay with the highest Tog Rating the higher the rating the better the thermal properties, such as Cloud 9 Cirrus, Cumulus, Tredaire Softwalk & Dreamwalk. A good place for underlays is Also depending on the carpet, how old it is and what it is made of i would maybe recommend a new one, if it just a felt back then something 100% wool would keep the heat in a lot better and feel a lot warmer.

With the bathroom you can get a cork underlay which you can stick to the floor and then stick the vinyl to that which would work much the same as for the carpet . if you have any question please get in contact regards jason


Answered 20th Jul 2011

Totally agree with above accept you won't get a proper fix for the gripper on insulation boards.


Answered 1st Aug 2011

If you can afford it get yourself Underfloor heating and a suitable U H friendly Underlay and Vinyl Flooring.

The cheaper option for me would be to use a heavy Wool/Felt or Felt/Rubber Underlay for the Bedroom and a thick Cushion Flooring for the Bathroom.

I wouldn’t recommend any installation boards unless they are the type that you have to install plywood on top.


Answered 8th Apr 2019

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