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Relocating a gas pipe !??!

i wish to open a new doorway into my kitchen from my hallway but the gas pipe runs right infront of where my doorway would be so need to be moved ....the gas pipe is in use and fuels my boiler ...does anyone know whether the pipe could be moved underground or whether it would have to be run around the doorway ?...and also any ideas on cost .thankyou.

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The above response is correct / installtion / pricing.

However in addition consideration should be take as to the number of new bends that will be installed in the pipe-work diversion.

As the pipe is feeding the boiler it is essential that the correct gas pressure is maintained.

Incorporating bends into pipe-work effects the flow rate and therefore a new pipe-work calculation nedds to be carried out.

It may well be that the existing pipe is oversized and adequate to incorporate another few bends.

However it may be that the pipe-work is already on it's limit and therefore may need upgrading, at least in part, to allow for the additional bends.

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Adrian Hagger


Answered 20th Jul 2011

You can divert the gas pipe to under the floor under channelled into concrete as long as it is sheathed properly.

Depending on type of floor and length of run will depend on the cost, but rough guide £45.00 per hour labour plus materials.

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Answered 19th Jul 2011

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