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What recommended stages are payments made

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1. Agree a written specification. Always agree payments in writing.
2 Make payments when pre agreed stages are completed ie when foundations poured, when brickwork erected, roof on, etc.
3 Most builders will operate credit accounts at their merchants so shouldn't require payments in advance. That said, cash flow is the curse of all builders. Try and pay promptly, perhaps every two weeks.
4 Agree a retention, ie 5% for 3 months or 2.5% for six months, to guarantee against faulty workmanship.
5 Have a good, honest working relationship with your builder but remember, it is your hard earned cash that is paying. It is, after all, a business relationship.

Answered 24th Feb 2011

Tavenor Finnis Builders & Decorators

Member since 13 Nov 2009

hi when i build extensions i ask for 2500 on the start date to cover materials and labour,as getting out of the ground ie digging out and laying foundations are very expensive then break sceduelled payments over the next 5 weeks leaving a fair amount to be paid at the end when the customer is happy with all the work,ive done this many times and its better for me and the client as they can see progress over the weeks and only have to pay certain amounts while the work is progressing

Answered 24th Feb 2011

Finebuild Builders

Member since 26 Feb 2009

hi,all depends on the client.i always ask for a payment up to dpc level then one to plate level and the final balance on finish of roof.if you know your builder quite well then you might want to give a depoist the have staggered payments to meet eachjob.be careful not to give to much in the beginning,make sure all payments are signed for .many thanks nick

Answered 24th Feb 2011

kentish builder

Member since 14 Jul 2009

Same reply as Kentish Builder.
We dont ask for any deposit, payments agreed and put in writing, usually;
1st payment to dpc, slab in and drainage.
2nd payment superstructure and roof on.
3rd payment on full completion.
Some times on larger jobs, 5% retention for 6 months to allow for any snagging etc.
We have had no problems with this method, and as stated if both parties agree in writing, it benefits both sides.

Answered 24th Feb 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

I find that each individual case is different. Stick to these rules and I think you'll be fine. 1) Always agree everything in writing before the work is carried out, including any extra's. 2) Stage payments are allways good for the builder for cashflow reasons but never give any money before work has started. If materials are needed before your first payment offer to pay for these direct to the supplier. That way your first payment will cover the labour on the work he has produced. 3) Never ever pay the last payment before the job has been completely finished.

I hope this helps...

Matt Norman.

Answered 24th Feb 2011

M R Norman

Member since 15 Aug 2009


Its all dependant on the size of the job. Firstly, never pay a deposit. For smaller jobs under £5000 I let people pay upon satisfactory completion of the work. All other jobs are paid for at stages discussed prior to the commencement of work. For example, a £25000 job may be split into 5 x £5000 payments every two weeks. Alternatively, for extensions a contract is usually drawn up and signed which contains a payment schedule agreed by both builder and client. For extensions 5% is retained by the client until 6 months after the work is finished (for remedial works etc). The most important thing is to agree payment terms with your builder as soon as possible so you BOTH know where you stand and NEVER pay a deposit!!


Answered 24th Feb 2011

R.Hughes Building and Conservation Ltd

Member since 25 Feb 2009

Depends on the size of the job you are doing.
talk to your builder and arange stage payments ,maybe builder does 2 weeks work then pay him for the 2 weeks.
If alot of materials are involved then you could pay for them on delivery.
if its a small job then dont pay anything until you are satisfied the job is finished
thanks. martin

Answered 24th Feb 2011

mh building contractors

Member since 15 May 2009

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