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Window sill options e.g. pre-cut window sills?

I have just had my kitchen redone and the walls have all been replastered. I don't have anything on the window sill at the moment other than the replastering.

Is it possible to buy pre-cut window sills? Every site I have looked on only seem to come in 5 meter lengths and I only need 1500mm. Alternatively, is wood, with a gloss paint a suitable option? I have looked at some of the glass options which look great and there are some pretty good colour options but they are working out to about £125 which seems a bit extravagent for a window sill.

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Most upvc boards are 5 metre lengths. We always recommend wooden sills as they are more hard wearing. Any timber merchant should be able to sell it cut to size.


Answered 6th Apr 2014

Find a local upvc company with a trade counter, they will sell it by the meter.



Answered 6th Apr 2014

try ebay


Answered 6th Apr 2014

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