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Peeling / flaking paint in bathroom ceiling of flat


Recently, some of the paint is peeling / flaking off from the bathroom ceiling of my flat. Some links of images below:

There are also some (though not loads) faint black mould spots on the ceiling, which don’t go away when wiped with a wet cloth, and tempted not to use anything too strong in terms of cleaner to remove these.

Would appreciate some advice about the following:

1. Assume that the whole ceiling doesn’t need to be repainted? It’s not a massive room (approx 3m x 2m) but the paint is only flaking on one side of the ceiling, so it would seem more efficient to only paint the affected areas where the paint has flaked off (or divide that part of the ceiling where the affected bits are). Just don’t want it to look obvious that a section of the ceiling had been repainted, especially if the colours of new and old are slightly off.

2. What would be the best way to prepare the surface for repainting? I will flake / peel off any parts that are coming loose, but assume don’t need to sand or ensure the paint has been stripped off for the whole section that is going to be repainted. Is it worth using anything specific to address / reduce mould growing?

3. Assume once painted, I’m sure it’s best to ensure there is much ventilation as possible. I don’t want to avoid having to use the shower for a day or two, but I’m sure using the shower will cause steam and affect drying of the paint. Would leaving the area for a few hours / overnight be sufficient?

Any advice much appreciated!

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Hi the problem could be the previous decorator didn't properly prime the plaster before applying top coats, this is especially important in a bathroom /kitchen environment as the moisture levels and heat /humidity are higher.

My advice is to scrape all flakes off, sand the surface level, then apply a shellac based primer to the area (zinnser b.i.n) then repaint the whole ceiling to achieve a uniform effect.

Also if your bathroom is tiled, seal the last line of grout were it meets your painted ceiling with silicone this further seals everything and prolongs the life of your paintwork.

Kind regards Paul Thompson ABFAB painting and decorating

Answered 5th Apr 2014

ABFAB painting and decorating

Member since 9 Jan 2014

Hi my name is George. First of all you have to make sure the leak is stopped from above and when the wall or ceiling is dry, peel off the flaking paint from the affected places and sealed with Stainblock (it's like paint) at least 2 coats before painting with emulsion paint. Thanks

Answered 6th Apr 2014

George Decor

Member since 28 May 2013

Just thought I would MUST use an emulsion paint specifically designed for bathrooms. Obvious but worth saying.
Kind regards

Answered 24th Apr 2014

Bob Tear Traditional Handyman, Painter & Decorator

Member since 23 Jan 2014

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