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Window lintels - are they structural?

In having new double glazing installed to the 2nd floor flat I have bought, it was found that I would also need to have lintels installed. I opted for concrete ones. I also consulted with the management committee they agreed that it would be funded from the service charge. However, a surveyor came to the flats yesterday and stated that the lintels were not classed as structural so could not be funded. Is this correct? Or is the surveyor just trying to save the management committee money?

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Under the definition term of lintel, I would say that that they are most definitely a structural item. As you don't put too much information about the works that you are carrying, I wouldn't like to comment much further but I would recommend that you speak to your local building control officer and they will give you the correct and unbiased advice


Answered 3rd Apr 2014

The whole reason for putting a lintel in is to support the WEIGHT above. THEY ARE STRUCTURAL.


Answered 7th Apr 2014

If there is a lintel then it's structural. I wouldn't fit a window without a lintel above it.


Answered 9th Apr 2014

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