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Security light - off switch

House has a security light outside and it comes on during the day. Cant seem to find a switch inside to turn it off. Any suggestions? Weve just moved in. Its dim and like to replace - would I need an electrician?

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There are too many possibilities in finding an isolation point to mention, but it should have been installed in a location nearby, even if it's a non switched spur. Until you find it, switch off the circuit breaker or remove the fuse that powers the light to change the lamp etc.


Answered 18th Jul 2011


If you stand outside you might be able to visibly trace the cable to where it goes through the wall, some electricians spur it off a switched fused spur on the upstairs ring main. If it goes directly through the wall and you cannot locate a switch for it then it possibly could come off the lighting circuit. You would need to locate the correct fuse for it and switch it off. Ideally when you replace it with a new fitting you should get an electrician to install it and while he is at install a switch. In the meantime you can turn off the fuse and remove the lamp - it will be costing you to run through the day !


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Answered 18th Jul 2011

For adjusting the light you will not need an electrician, there is a night and day dial along with sensitivity on most security lights....... If it has been done correctly you should have a switched spur somewhere inside for isolation but this is not necessary for the adjustment (Do not touch the glass when doing this it will melt your hand)

For changing the light Yes you need an electrician


Answered 18th Jul 2011

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