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Lintels/brick arches to timber windows

We are replacing some timber windows and want to put brick arches above. Do we need steel lintels above the arch or is the arch sufficient? The work is being carried out with some other work under building regulations with the local council so needs to be correct.

Andy, coalville

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Unless the window is particularly wide, or this is something out of the ordinary, an arch will be fine for the external skin, and you will already have a lintel for the internal. This is something you will probably have to check with some or all of the following bodies.
Planning department, Local Building control, or (depending on how small a change it is) an engineer. However if for instance its a ground floor, rear window, and that's what used to be there, or the neighbours have it, or your reputable professional mason tells you it really is the most basic of jobs. Then these jobs are as complicated as you want to make them. Just be sure to fulfill the legal requirements of your local building control and obtain a completion certificate either from your Local authority inspection or have a FENSA installation.


Answered 17th Feb 2015

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