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I have internal doors with concealed perko door closers, the doors slam if let swing, how can the motion be slowed to allow the door to close into the strike plate, can the perko be adjusted?

thnaks for the quick response, I have played about with twiasting the plates, it makes very little difference. The strike plate in the frame are short and not bent to catch the latch, if i change the plate with a longer latch bit bent to receive the latch at its furthest point will this reduce the slamming? also I have been to a few hardware stores & searched on line and can't find anywhere that sells the strike plates, just seem to come with latch barrels, where can i get some of these. Cheers

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Hi, yes perko's can be adjusted but my experience of them is that they are a nightmare and getting them to shut perfectly is a hassle, as they either slam or don't quite shut. when you buy them they come with a plate, that the chain locks into, and once the chain is locked into position, you can detatch it fom the door frame and loosen the tension on them buy turning the chain anti clockwise to stop the door from slamming. However, i'm assuming, you haven't got the plate anymore, so you'll have to buy a perko, and use the plate that comes with it on all your doors.

Good luck with these.


Answered 13th Jul 2011

Perko's are a nightmare...You can buy hush latches, to replace the striking plate on the door frame. These slow the speed of the door closing to almost zero, so it doesn't slam. Like a soft closing drawer on a kitchen...

They are easy to fit, lots of elderly peoples homes or disability homes are fitted with them.


Answered 30th Jul 2011

you can adjust perkos but if I was you I would get a Joiner in to do it as it can be hazardous if you are not careful, you have to open the door and wedge it so, then pull te chain iut on the perko jam the chain using the perko slide holder ( this would have been used when fitting but would not have been left after use), unscrew the 4 scres holding it on to the frame (door jamb) holthis in the claw of a hammer take out the slide holder and slowly allow chain to go back in, turn the plate in the direction marked - to slow it down then put it back together, it must still close door properly to still act as a fire door


Answered 13th Jul 2011

You have to remove the perko,using a plate which come's with a perko. be carefull as it will hurt your fingers. once you have removed it, if you turn the top anti- clockwise it will decrease the strenght


Answered 13th Jul 2011

If the door wont shut even with the perko fully wound clockwise it may be the hinges need packing out but bear in mind that the strips need to be able to stop smoke passing through.
Be careful of new legislation it needs to be signed off


Answered 7th Mar 2016

The perko door closer has no setting adjustment,ie,can not set speed of closing action,only way to obtain this is by fitting overhead door closer,hope this helps.



Answered 13th Jul 2011

I presume these are fire doors. There is only strength adjustment on Perko door closers.You can take off plate on frame and wind it anticlockwise, this will slow the closing speed but may be too weak to close door.Should be done by someone with experience of Perkos as it is under tension So, you can either fit unsightly overhead closers with good adjustments, or you can fit fire and smoke alarms which if fitted to right specifications (get advice from local building control) will mean you may not need closers or indeed fire doors at all.
This is a relatively new regulation so make sure it can apply in your situation.
Also, fire regs change regularly so it is possible you do not need closers on the doors.Again speak to building control.
Charlie Bates
Bates Carpentry


Answered 13th Jul 2011

Hi mark here I have a one in front of me that I had left over on a job you need the little tool if you haven't got it then a small adjustable will do open the door fully lock the adjustable on the chain coming out of the door leave enough room so you can take the screws out the plate attached on to the frame. when that's off turn the adjustable anti-clockwise a few times then screw it back onto frame check it out if it's not enough do the whole thing again till you get it right it's a mess on like but I have done this me self cheers


Answered 14th Jun 2014

a smoke seal routered to center of door will stop door slamming


Answered 6th Nov 2015

to adjust the tension you have to remove the unit from the door.

BE VERY CAREFUL the spring will take off your finger if a pin is not inserted into the chain to stop it retracting.

Once removed you rotate the head to increase/decrease the tension


Answered 13th Jul 2011

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