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Remove and relpace a broken tile in the shower

I've got a broken tile halfway down the wall in my shower, it's under the shower control so that will have to be removed before fixing the problem. Is it possible to get the broken tile off without causing a cascade of the tiles on top and if so how? Many thanks

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Yes unless your tiles have been stuck with pritt stick.......

The tiles should be solidly stuck to the wall rake out the grout around the tile, this is important or you will break the next tile when you smash it out.

once all of the surrounding grout has been removed if it is on a solid wall just remove the tile by hitting with a hammer it will break into small pieces.

If the tile is on plasterboard you might need to replace the piece of plasterboard behind aswel

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Answered 13th Jul 2011

rake out the surronding grout then gently tap the centre of the tile till it cracks then using a small bolster or old flat head screw driver gently tap out the tile this should not damage the wall


Answered 27th Jul 2011

Ditto both answers


Answered 3rd Aug 2011

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