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Bathroom spotlights switch faulty

our bathroom lights have been faulty for a while, having removed switch and swapped for another bathroom i have discovered it is defiantly the switch, but it seems to have 2 feeds and 2 supply is this normal and all aftermarket switches i have seen seem to only have 1 supply and 2 feed sockets? can they be used or i need same

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It sounds like you have a twin pole switch but it will work fine using just one pole for the switch line. If you are actually going to buy one you only need a 1 way switch (2 terminals)
But a 2 way switch (3 terminals) will also work fine as well.


Answered 9th Mar 2014

The best way to resolve your problem in all honesty would be to hire a qualified electrician, this shouldnt cost much to rectify.


Answered 9th Mar 2014

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