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Lintel above a kitchen window in extension with flat roof

I'm having my kitchen window replaced for double glazing. It's in an extension with a flat roof above. I'm being told that a lintel is needed. I was under the impression that the lintel was there to support the above weight, but it's a flat roof!
Can anyone advise please?

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hi there,

theoretically I see your point but things are not always black and white. are there any courses of brickwork above the window? If there is, then the only way a window company will know for sure lintel is needed is if the brickwork shows any signs of sagging. if there isn't any brickwork to support and the soffit sits on top of the head of the window, then they are trying to have you over. if the worst comes to the worst and you dig your heels in and say "I don't think I need a lintel" and they go ahead with fitting your window, if anything drops you will need a lintel, but at the end of the day the building isn't going to collapse! it should have an adequate lintel on the inside.
only you will know if it requires a lintel through the tell tale signs.

hope this has helped



Answered 7th Mar 2014

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