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Replace lead and flashing above bay window, dig out and waterproof flashing on roof terrace

I've got a roofer in right now. The problems I had are that the lead roofing above my bay window (approx 3m x 0.5m) is old and has split causing it to leak through into living room. Also the flashing attaching it to the wall leaves a lot to be desired.

I also have a roof terrace above a garage that is leaking slightly, it looks like the cement holding the flashing in place has become brittle and needs replacing all the way around the top where the flashing sticks out from the wall.

I also have a couple of slate roof tiles that need reseating as one or two have slipped.

Roofer quoted me £500 (vat not applicable) to remove and replace leadwork on bay window, redig brick course, remove and replace flashing around bay window roofing, dig out a channel and remove cement from roof terrace flashing and reseal with lead sealant/silicon, and reseat the roof tiles.

How long should it take? He claimed a day but its looking like they'll be done in just a few hours (two so far and roof terrace already done?!).


this is a pic of the bay window when they had finished... thoughts? i'm not too thrilled with the uneven 'frilly bit' over the window, it is about half inch shorter in the middle where it should be the same length all the way around.

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Theres nothing good I can say about that leadwork.
It all wants ripping of and doing properly, that wouldnt even look good on a shed roof in your back garden, let alone at the front of your property.
There should have been a mop stick roll, fixed central to canopy, and that length should be in two, you will soon have splits due to contraction.
Hes tried to do scallop finish to front edge, if done properly it looks nice, he probably done it with an axe.
The upstand looks like it was flattened with a lump hammer, theres just no neatness I can comment on.
Theres not a great outlay for that amount of lead, probably used the wrong code as well.
Bet he didnt have a sign written van parked up while working.
Theres a big surge on lead theft, especialy from front porches, you might have been better of having epdm fitted.
The travelling community might remove that lead free of charge.


Answered 16th Jul 2011

Honestly I think my 4 year old could have done a better job!!

The price is not unreasonable as lead is very expensive but you would expect them to be able to cut a straight line!


Answered 14th Jul 2011

hi,I am city and guild qualified in leadwork,firstly this job would need scaffold,for safety reasons also to carry out works in the correct manner,I'm afraid it sounds like you've been conned,to do a job properly it would cost somewhere in the region of £1,500 inclusive of all plant labour and materials.
You have to use code 5 lead which would cost in the region of £500 for the size of your bay roof.
You have to put an underlay down first,a Woodcore roll timber would be screwed to roof boards,lead has to be put on in two sections,first section is the smaller section which gets dressed up over Woodcore roll and tacked onto roll using copper ringshank nails,second part of lead is the larger piece which gets bossed completely over Woodcore roll and forming a nice end roll finish,once lead has been trimmed panatation oil is spread over lead,protects the lead stops lead staining and gives off a pleasing finish,hope this helps you,kind regards mike.


Answered 2nd Feb 2018

Yes - that's not a bad price because of the cost of lead, but maybe if he had taken the full day it would have been a bit neater? The lead doesn't look very well dressed either.


Answered 14th Jul 2011

What did they do steal the lead?
If the bay is more than 1500mm in length then the bay will eventually crack with out being separated into 2 sections( see Lead Development Associations web site length of bays) The decorative piece is un-decorative.
The right weight lead would nearly cost the price of the job plus specialist under-felts to accommodate movement etc.


Answered 28th Aug 2011

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