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Does the skirting need to be removed .

When tiling a hallway ,can you tile up to skirting instead of removing it ?

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you can but would look better taking skirts off 1st


Answered 12th Jul 2011

Yes you can tile up to it the skirting board and grout against it, the best job is to remove it and tile. Then refit the skirting board. But the is choice yours


Answered 12th Jul 2011

As TopJob says if you take off the skirting first then get a level just below the skirting board top that way the tiles will be straight. If you tiled on top of the skirting which follows the floor and the floor is out (even slightly) you will notice a big difference half way up the hight of the tiles and it will look noticeable.


Answered 13th Jul 2011

Hi, yes you can just tile up to the skirting board, but like the others say, its looks better if the skirting board is taken up and then refixed after the tiling, but the only problem with that is if its an old house, then alot of the render might come away from the wall whilst taking the skirting board off.


Answered 13th Jul 2011

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