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QuestionWhat is the likely cost of repointing both walls of a two-storey, two-bed terrace house?

We are looking at buying a property that needs re-pointing and want to know the likely cost.
I would guess the walls are around 6 metres wide as the dimensions of the lounge and kitchen added together make 5.92m.

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I would say you would be looking at £ 20 pm plus scaffold

Point2Point 3rd Mar, 2011

hi,roughly looking at about£26 a quare metre.that is clean out old pointing to a depth of 45mm and wash out and then repoint to match excisiting,if it is weather struck you could be looking at £32.00 metre,you made need scaffolding if it is at a height.many thanks nick

kentish builder 23rd Feb, 2011

yes both answers above are about right, take off your window and door openings as most builders will calculate the whole area, and you will need scaffhod

gj builder 23rd Feb, 2011

Hi, you would be looking to pay between £20 to £40 per m2 depending on joint size, type of mortar required, type of brickwork also access. A lot of period properties are built using a lime based mortar and over the years they are patch pointed with sand and cement. Cement based mortars have no flexibility so putting this type of mortar on top of a lime based mortar never works, these type of houses are designed to flex and move when this occurs all it does is crack the newer cement based joint. In extreme cases this actually causes visible chips to the bricks. Hope this was helpful.

JT Stonework & Restoration Limited 22nd Feb, 2011

you would be looking£20 to £25 depending on brick work and type of finished pointing we do the bucket handle finish ,also scaffold would be an extra cost

leeds pointing 9th Dec, 2011

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