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How to fit hardibacker board to brick wall?

Striped shower cubicle out as was bad, exposing stud walling for two walls and brick for one wall, I can screw the backer board to the stud wall like advised to do so, but for the brick wall I'm unsure what to do. I was going to dot and dab it but have seen a few people say not to although I'm unsure why not. So how can I fit the hardi backer board to the brick wall people? Was going to put some lengths of wood and screw them to brick then boards to the wood but I lose too much room that way and won't be able to get a shower tray that fits.

Any help please, thanks.

A.G - 24/2/14 - thanks mate, so wash wall down to get all dust off, let dry, prime with SBR, then tile with floor tile adhesive. Why does it have to be floor tile adhesive? Would you recommend any masonry screws or anything else aswell or should the adhesive be enough once it's set? Many thanks

26/2/14 - ok I have put the hardie backers to the brick wall. I primed walls with SBR and back of the boards with SBR, I then used BAL grip plus adhesive to sick boards too the wall, I was abit concerned about this after reading the back it said beds no thicker than 3mm, I got full coverage on the board and wall and although some may be around 3mm thick as it was an old brick wall some areas were upto 10mm thick in adhesive. After it started to set I used 3 rows of 3 (9 in total per board) 120mm screws with wall plugs to get a mechanical fix as well these seemed to really pull the boards tight to the wall. So I'm hoping that it enough now. Please let me know your thoughts. Regards.

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Laying hardier backer board to brick walls does not need dot and dab, boards need to be fix in stagger pattern, 2mm joints, with screws and wall plugs, at least 9 screws per board, then cover joints with cement tapes (grey) then cover cement tapes with thin sett (adhesive), this is the best way to have peace of mind.


Answered 26th Feb 2017

Yes you can D&D the backer to the brick wall using floor tile adhesive, prime the walls first using SBR not PVA. The board must be 12mm thick for walls.
The floor adhesive is a rapid set, then I would for belt & braces once the adhesive as set screw the backer board if you use no more ply backer board you can prime with sbr which is just as good as a tanking system
Yes you are doing the right thing but I would have used a powder floor adhesive which would have given you a better fixing as this dries chemically whereas the tub adhesive needs air for drying.


Answered 27th Feb 2014

You can d&d the backer boards on the brick wall and once it's dry you can use wall plugs and screws plus i prefer to use washers so it's nice and solid to make sure it's not gonna fall off the wall.


Answered 2nd Feb 2020

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