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Double pane, older windows, have around 1/2-1 inch water inbetween.

This happened when we had the high winds/rain and the winds were driving the rain towards the window. It's the outside pane, inside pane is fine. The outside pane was damaged when the owners, from before, took out their 'couch' and broke the outside window, 'promised' to fix it, blah, blah, blah... any ways, it's always been fine up until this last Thurs. the 13th Feb. These windows are the older, metal, frame, bay window, over 10 years old. Yes, in case you're wondering, we're getting new ones put in this summer. I want to know if there is any way this is a danger to the house, if it somehow leaked or if the glass can burst from the pressure, although I don't see how since there is only around an inch or less of water inside. It's been fine, just wondering if it's okay for the water to be trapped, like it is, until May/June 2014. Thank you.


Thank you Flamborough windows for being so kind and putting my mind at ease. We did 'tape' up the window on the outside before the next storm hit, thankfully it's clear or it would look a right mess.

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Yes they will be fine with the water in, if you're definitely getting them replaced.
The only concern in the mean time is the glass breaking further.
I would personally get some self adhesive clear film (sticky back plastic) put over the broken pane, to minimize risk of injury if it was to break & fall away.

Hope this helps


Answered 19th Feb 2014

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