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HI, i have 15 double sockets in my house and 11 light switches. They all sit proud with plastiv boxes and look awful. I want to fit back boxes and flush fronts.

Any tips tricks to fit the back boxes?
What sort of chisel? should i use? or do you drill??

Any advice welcomed


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Hi Stu,

Provided the wall are brick/block, in order to minimise making good, you would be best to use a box cutter fitted to an SDS type drill (which you can hire). This will create a hole to the same dimensions of a 1G or 2G box. The depth of cut and metal box required will depend on the type of socket to be fitted (i.e. cooker and shaver sockets will require a greater depth), but generally a 35mm box should be ok, even for flat plate sockets.

For stud/dry lined walls, you will require a dry lining box. The aperture can be created by marking around the back of the box, and the hole cut using a drywall saw.



Answered 11th Jul 2011

You can buy electrical back box sinkers which you fit to a drill on chisel action, this will chase the box in the wall, you can buy double or single boxes great bit of kit screwfix sell for about £140.


Answered 12th Jul 2011

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