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Upvc door handle spins

Hi all, went to open workshop upvc door and handle is just spinning. Can unlock but cannot open door. Think spindle is damaged but as I can't get inside the workshop I can't get to screws to undo handles. Any ideas ?

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The spindle has worn, that is why the handle is spinning...get some pliers and snap off the handles (This will not damage the door) and your see a silver square shaped bar which is connected to lock in the door, turn the spindle with pliers and door will open.

Let me know how you get on, a new set of handles will only cost between 15-40 pounds, which will be much more cost effective than calling a locksmith out.

Regards Tom


Answered 10th Apr 2015

I don t think this will work as i reckon the square hole that the spindle goes through has broken so it may be the case that the hinges will have to be tampered with to gain access from the hinge side , hopefully the door can the be removed for inspection


Answered 21st Dec 2018

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