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Is there a legal requirement, in accordance with health & safety, to have scaffolding erected when conducting roofing repairs?

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Any works, including roof works with more than 5 employees must have a health and safety policy, and risk assessment.
In reality, is the customer going to pay the extra costs for the erection of a scaffold
when some one can quite competently carry out the works on a roof ladder.
If its just roof repairs, I would say if your experienced, the ladders are tied of safley then theres no need for scaffold.
You dont see arial fitters using scaffold, probably a safety harness, but you still have to climb up to tie it of.
ADR,arials are still fitted to stacks, so your saying that you have a scaffold put up just to replace a couple of tiles.
You dont know what your talking about, dont talk rubbish.


Answered 17th Jul 2011

The simple answer to this question is NO.
The work at height regulations stipulate that you must take precautions to prevent a fall, whether this be by means of a safety harness, handrails around the roof, scaffolding etc.
It should be noted that there is absolutely no time limit or height limit stated in the requirements! Work at height regulations apply to ANY height (not 1m, 1.5m, 1.8m etc) from which a fall could cause injury. This is sketchy though, as you could easily injure yourself falling off a high kerb, but would you wear a harness when working on the pavement?
On the other hand there are people (myself especially) who will work on a mill chimney or a church roof without scaffolding or a harness, when clearly these should be worn/used.
One final point to raise is that the health and safety regulations, including the work at height regs, do not apply to the homeowner working on his own house, unless the work will put others at risk.


Answered 11th Jul 2011

I agree with BJB BUILDING/ROOFING i think that scaffold should be used if it is a complete re roof but just for repairs ladders should to the trick providing they are tied of in some casses the scaffold can cost more than the simple repair .


Answered 10th Jul 2011

health and saftey advize against working at heights without proper saftey equipment so as to prevent a fall,to stop the equipment moving accidentally,and to pevent objects
falling to the ground.

so in answer to your question yes scaffoding should be erected to carry out roof repairs

most arials are now fitted to the walls of the building.

customer never said a couple of tiles read the question it clearly states roof repair,s
which covers a multitute of sins as well as indicating more than one area of the roof.

I have done work where the scaffolding costs where 5 times the labour and material costs without any complaints


Answered 19th Jul 2011

If your working for a duration of more than 15 minitues at an elevated height above 1.8 mtr then requirements state you must have a secure working platform.
Whether it be a tower scaffold, or tubular scaffold. If the repair to the roof is isolated to a certain place then an aluminium tower would normally be used. However if multiple locations on the roof area are to be worked on e.g re-roof, then tubular scaffolding would be more cost effective in terms of overall labour time..Hope this helps!!


Answered 9th Jul 2011

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