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3 of my wooden fence posts have become wobbly, can the posts be bedded in more firmly?

The base of the wooden posts have probably rotted in the ground and the foundation of the 3 posts is no longer firm. Is there any method to make good this wobbly connection, steel reinforcement/spikes in the post base. Or is it better to replace the whole post with a new one and bed that in firmly. Or are posts not available individually and the standard practices is to replace sections of the fence? (this is not my fence, but it looks very roughly like this http://www.21stcenturyvillage.com/images/featuresections/custom-made-fencing.jpg )

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you can just replace the posts,standards sizes are 3/3 or 4/4inch but a good builders merchants will cut down the posts to your required width allow for two foot into the ground and secure with a post mix which can again be bought at any good builders merchants or diy store.

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Answered 9th Jul 2011

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It is usually good practice to change the supporting posts,yes they are available seperately, or another method would be to concrete a short post known as a repair spur in next to the wobbly posts and then bolt through both.
You can buy metal repair spurs also ,these are hammered into the ground next to the existing post, a post is inserted into the repair spur then both posts are either screwed or bolted together.

Answered 9th Jul 2011

DB Handyman

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If you dont want to replace the complete post, you can get some concrete spurs, these are 1200mm long with bolt holes in, concrete 600mm in the ground, directly behind, or side of post then bolt into the fence post.

Answered 9th Jul 2011


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You can use a concrete repair spur just dig down the side of the post and fix it to the post.

Answered 9th Jul 2011

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