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Ceiling still leaks in bedroom after new flat roof put in and ceiling replastered


In January, I had a leak in my ceiling, which i didnt know where it came from so I had a new flat roof put in and had my ceiling replastered. But the leak is still there and spreading. It is only wet when it is raining so i assumed it is coming from the roof, and called the roofer in numerous times and he had redone the work and the corners and joints is dry and sealed, but the leak is still there so we now don't know where it is leaking from. Please can someone help me? Any suggestions as to what i can do?

- No pipes above ceiling :( Roofer found two holes on the roof (not the flat roof but the other roof that joins with the flat roof), and he fixed it for me but it is still leaking. He doesn't know where else it could be coming from and neither do I, it's a very stressful situation :(

- the flat roof joins with tiled roof and the roofer we had, found two big holes where the joint is, so he replaced the felts and put new felt and new tiles and blocked the holes off.

- Fibretechs, no it has not been fixed :(

UPDATE 25/2:
Today I have a roofer having a look at the leak coming from the roof into my bedroom. As soon as he came to have a look, he was dissappointed with the standards of the previous roofer and said i have been mugged off. No corners had been closed off properly and there were holes in various of places and cuts not been sealed off and he said 90% of it needs re doing. He even took pictures of it and showed it to me. I am in very deep shock and i don't know what to do really because the previous roofer did come and tried to help. I dont know either who to call back and fix the roof either. The previous roofer did offer to be there when the new roofer came to inspect it but the new roofer said no to that because 'he doesn't offer lessons'. Either way it is now me that will be out of pocket and want some advise on what I can do from other roofers.

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Are there any pipes running in this roof space ?
Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience, the most cost effective option would be to get roofer one to correct his mistake at his expense but unfortunately it sounds like he is incapable of doing the roof, you could try asking for your money back, but wouldn't hold my breath.
Would get another quote for the roof to be either repaired or done correctly and get the cost of this from roofer 1.
good luck alex

Answered 7th Feb 2014

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

Drop the ceiling, this will identify the location of ingress, possibly call your insurer with regards to claiming for the internal damage.


So has the leak now been fixed?

Answered 7th Feb 2014


Member since 26 Jul 2012

Before you drop the plaster, does your flat roof join on to a tiled roof? If it does, get the felt checked, it maybe perished. Without having a look it's a bit difficult but it's worth a try

Answered 12th Feb 2014

heritage roofing

Member since 18 Sep 2013

Hi sorry for your troubles but I've had similar situations where there has been cement missing from the ridge tiles water seems to penetrate through and run underneath between the felt and the truss then it runs underneath the flat roof causing a leak that way however it may not be visible from the outside.

And is the tiled part of the roof mossy sometimes this acts like a sponge and a blockage causing water to divert ?? Have agood recommended roofer check for this it is not uncommon

Answered 10th Jan 2017

Weatherguard Property Services

Member since 30 Nov 2016

Go with the roofer who took the photos as a photo doesn`t lie

Answered 12th Aug 2014

J-C Roofing Services

Member since 4 Aug 2014

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