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1950's floor tiles... asbestos? really a problem?

We've got some black thermoplastic tiles in a 1956 house, that we've been told may contain asbestos. However, from what I've seen and heard, they are not really a big deal... or are they? How much care should someone take in removing them? (We plan to leave the ones in the loo and place new flooring over them, but the ones in the kitchen need to come up as we want to put flooring down and it's not flat at present, cos the existing tiles are only in part of the room).

Any advice appreciated, cos I am getting very conflicting advice at the mo (one builder says no problem, but the asbestos company (predictably) says they can carefully take them away at great cost!). I don't want fibres to be left that could cause harm...

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Hi, if the tiles are in good sound condition and not loose, then I would recommend that a self levelling compound is used over the entire area to make good. If the tiles really do need to come up then I would suggest you engage the services of a good local recommended builder to carry out the work - seal off doors, open windows, wear suitable safety equipment and once lifted, double bag the tiles (plastic bags doubled up and taped). Your local waste tip should take them.


Answered 7th Jul 2011

These tiles are reknowned for containing asbestos,
removing garage roof sheeting from your external garage may be able to be undertaken by a general builder who is taking extra care for his own well being using a normal mask However with the tiles being internally if you realy do need to remove them please seek the advice of an expert. Air moovers should be used otherwise asbestos dust will be left behind.


Answered 9th Jul 2011

having faced this problem hundreds of times while working on decent home projects for various council kitchen refubs , if in doubt , and to save costly removals/and testing , use a latex smoothing compound and just go over the top leaving the tiles in situe, then you can lay your new floor with no problems.


Answered 6th Aug 2011

If in doubt call a reputable Asbestos company!

They will give you sound advice on this issue.

Good Luck.


Answered 9th Jul 2011

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