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Driveway put in without drainage

I have got a company in to do my driveway, I asked for them to put drainage in along the front of the house as the driveway runs towards the house. I asked for it to be put just a bit out from the wall so that it is not resting on the house wall. They have not done this, they have not done a feed underground for the water to flow away, they have not backfilled the drainage, just dabbed the front with cement and under that put small piece's of wood to level it from the ground. I phoned and asked for the owner to come and check the work that had been done. When he came, I told him I was not happy with the way the work had been done. I said to him there was no drainage for the water to flow away from the house, what they had done was put this drainage and the water would just sit in this drain against the house with nowhere to go, he said this is the way it is done. I don't feel this is right, I have been up all night worrying about it, as I chose them because they were not the cheapest and they said they had been doing this for 15 years.

Please could you tell me what I should do, thanks Sylvia.

PS they have already put the gravel down on the driveway before any of this was done, there is just the top layer to put

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Hello Sylvia,
You don't say what type of drive you are having put in, but irrespective what type of surface finish your drive is, the drainage should go into a soak away or mains drains. Tell him that's what you are paying him for and withhold any money you can, until he has put it right and you are happy with. What sort of a clown would lay drainage on bits of wood, they should be laid on 100mm of concrete and haunch up the sides, tell them to stop any more work until they have put the other right


Answered 6th Feb 2014

I agree with the comments from Peter and ben above.

The Drainage channels should be installed across the width of the drive. Laid on concrete and haunched with concrete to prevent movement. They should then be piped into either a soak-a-way or the main drains, normal where the down pipe is situated.

Technically if plumbing into the mains you should check with your council that this is ok.

You also mentioned he had put gravel down for a base. If this is just gravel then it is not the right base.

You don't say what the final surface is to be but if it is say block paving then the construction should be as follows.

Excavate to 230mm below finished level (finished level should be 150mm below DPC) lay a geotextile membrane over the entire area. Concrete in drains and any edging. Supply and lay a 150mm layer of Type1 stone which should be laid, levelled and compacted in two 75mm layers. This is followed by 30mm of sharp sand and a 50mm block paviour.

This spec should be good for most surfaces but the 150mm base is a minimum for any driveway.

If you need more info get in touch



Answered 8th Feb 2014

I echo what Peter has answered you with, it's horrible to have to deal with and you should not have been put in this situation but like Peter has said withhold the money, but I would also not let them continue if you have not paid them a penny. The trust has gone and they clearly are either uneducated or just cutting corners hoping for your be an easy swindle for money which your clearly not. It makes me furious as not only does it cause you a huge amount of stress but it also gives us honest tradesman an even harder job to gain peoples trust. Bottom line is like Peter has said a soak away or a feed into the mains drainage is the correct way of installing a driveway in your situation and the drainage collection should be set in concrete with haunching up the side. Hope you are able to sort this out and if in doubt or start doubting yourself contact trading standards and they will back you up. Ben


Answered 8th Feb 2014

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