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Lights in bedrooms won't work after fuse tripped but bathroom light works - how can one light out of four on the same circuit work?

We have 3 bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor. Today, I had bathroom light and bedroom 1 light on. When I tried to turn on light in bedroom two, there was a flash and my 'first floor lights' fuse tripped. I pushed it back on and the bathroom light came back on but none of the 3 bedrooms. I tried to change bulbs but the lights don't work. I turned off all fuses and turned them back on, still no change. How can one light out of 4 on the same circuit work? what could be a problem? Many Thanks


The light that caused the problem is just a simple plastic pendant light fitting with a lamp shade and plastic switch. We only moved in 2 weeks ago so not sure about the age. Got an electrician booked in for tomorrow. Thank you for all your answers, really appreciated .

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Your trip switch tripped for the reason, from what you described it’s looking like your wiring for the lighting circuit developed a fault. Because lights are wired in radial pattern, that is first cable comes from consumer unit (fuse box) then goes to another light and so on, it’s possible that during the fault that resulted in flash and activating relevant circuit breaker/fuse, cable that supply the lights sustain thermal damage and no longer have good connection or continuity on one or more conductors. Fixing the problem could be as simple as replacing one of the light fittings or more complicated, rewiring part of your lighting circuit.
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Answered 5th Feb 2014

303 Electrical Services

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Simple fix - the light you turned on when it tripped is probably the problem. Either in the switch or in the light.

Is it a metal switch or metal fitting rather than a plastic white switch and pendant?

Answered 5th Feb 2014

Hartz Electrix

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I agree with most of the above. The fault can be found by testing and as said a faulty fitting or connection could be at fault. I would advise using an electrically trained competant person assess and remedy your problem.

Answered 5th Feb 2014


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