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New gas fire with back boiler

Hi i am pregnant at the moment and trying to decorate before baby comes,id like to replace the gas fire front however it is a back boiler unit also, ive read other posts and you reccommend replacing with a combi boiler which id love to do but cant afford at the moment. is there a way to replace just the fire and is so where would i shop for this?

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You would be able to change just the fire but you would have to make sure it's compatible with the back boiler, the Internet could help you find one. I would agree that you would be much better off in the long run if you changed the boiler, but we can only do what we can afford. You would be looking on the range off £120-£200. Hope this helps.


Answered 9th Jul 2011

Not a good idea to mix and match fire fronts with back boilers as they are designed by the manufacturer and are bound to legal safety laws. you would be best to look at replacing the whole unit or as you have already said changing the system to a combination boiler.. now you need a good experianced gas engineer to take a look at what you have and give you the options.. Lee Our Plumber (East Yorkshire)


Answered 17th Jul 2011

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