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What tools required to sand down sandstone slabs?

my wife while i was away at work used a patio cleaner and jet-wash with brash to clean our patio, somehow she managed to make marks all over it ( like a shallow scratches) but it doesn't look pretty, stone is quite soft, slabs are 600x600x50mm, was hoping it can be send down a bit , anyone have any advise please? if you have a solution and can get job done, you'll be hired,
any help would be much appreciated, thanks
we talking about 2-3mm only

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Hi you can sand sandstone paving slabs I have had to do The same sort of thing on a small patio for a customer I used a orbital sander,However if it is a larger area you can hire a diamond floor grinder/polisher. Your local hire shop should be able to advise you on the right tool. Good luck Pete


Answered 11th Jul 2011

sorry i think ive missed something!!!!


Answered 7th Jul 2011

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