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I need to hire scaffolding but cheap and reliable company.

i need to replace the felt on my roof or what ever it called under the tiles. i have someone whos willing to help. just we would perfer to have scaffolding in place. i live in bham and would like a good cheap but reliable company that will put it up without danamging the garden it will need go up in front then bk unless cheaper to have front and bk same time can anyone help

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In the view of stripping the roof and re-felting it is always advisable to have a full and safe scaffold - please try to remember it could be hard to make money when you've broken both your legs!

If you are looking for the best price possible, then i advise getting a minimum of three quotes, and within reason you may be able to haggle a better price but expect for a standard terrace house a quote of between £500 - £1000 depending on the build.

i hope this has helped


Answered 7th Jul 2011

a good company i use are trojen scaffold.....ask for dave sheperd 07769970700


Answered 7th Jul 2011

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