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I now think I have a problem with electrical wiring in my flat.

I use electricity for water heating and for my panel heaters (radiators) … and for anything else , no gas.

Having just recently returned to my own flat after living away for work, I have realized that all 3 of my panel heaters (radiators) are no longer working.

I got the feeling that it is wiring issue or the manual timer (which is located in the store room and control all operating time for all 3 panel heaters) might be at fault. I have now turned the MCB switch for the panel heaters off.

The other day, the manual timer for my conventional boiler blow up when I turned the MCB switch for my water heaters from off to on. (See earlier job / questions posted)

Today, I turned on the corridor lighting and one of three lights went off!

I changed the bulb but it is still not working. I presume it must be another wiring fault.

Please could someone advice me on this matter?

If possible, please also advice me what I should expect to pay to get this looked into.

I was told such extensive job would be very costly.

Any further advice would be appreciated!



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Hi ray I had a few minutes spare in my lunch break and thought I would answer your question. I think as there is multiple faults I would get a electrician to carry out a periodic inspection test on your property as this will give a better idea of what the faults are these tests start from £100 above for a flat


Answered 22nd Feb 2011

i would do a test first, to locate the faults. once faults found, you can get a quote for the remedial work. no less than 100 . good luck


Answered 23rd Feb 2011

Hi again Ray. It sounds like you have multiple faults - or a single fault creating multiple symptoms! Definitely a job for a registered (NICEIC, Napit, Elecsa, etc) electrician. M.R. suggestion of getting a periodic inspection test is a good one, but that doesn't fix the problem - only tell you what is wrong - and the scope of a PIR is normally the entire installation - with some limitations agreed by owner. Getting someone in specifically to sort out this problem is a better bet. Agree in advance how much (time) you want them to spend on it, because if problem(s) is/are hard to trace the costs could mount up.


Answered 23rd Feb 2011

straight to the point this requires investigation no quik fix or periodic inspection is what your looking for , doesnt need niceic registered electrician this usually only stands for higher hourly charge any sjib electrician will happily carry out this job myself personally would charge £20 per hour to find and fix fault(s). no way of telling how many hours are involved untill started and faults are found


Answered 24th Feb 2011

periodic inspection report would be ok if you wanted to know if the wiring was in good order and you already know it is not. You know what is not working so the way forward is to tackle these faults one at a time head on. Sorry cant say how much this would cost
3 panel heaters stopped at the same time- possible wiring fault/fuse/timer.
boiler timer blew-sounds like a short circuit or fault causing an overload but this should not blow the timer unless the wrong fuse has been fitted in the isolator
usually it should be a 3amp fuse but maybe it has not had the 13amp fuse supplied replaced.
Hall lights- probably a fitting or wiring at fault.
Best of luck.


Answered 26th Feb 2011

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