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How tricky is it to do a stake earthing?

I have no intention of attempting this myself, but as the water supply pipe is to be replaced with a plastic one by the water board shortly in their bumpf they say it is important to check that the electrics are earthed properly after the old lead pipe has been removed. I have been told a stake earth should do the job, and have been told it's not a major task but what does it entail please? I have posted this as quote request but am seeking extra info about it.

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fitting an earth rod is quite a simple job but has to be carried out by a part P electrician as tests ave to be carried out to asses the suitability of this,regards Terry.


Answered 5th Jul 2011

You need to know what type of earthing system you have before you go putting in a earth spike, it could be TN-C-S, TT or TN-S, only a TT system needs a earth spike as the other two have a earth from the the supply cable coming into you house.
Get a electrician in to have a look he will tell you what you need to do, your water pipe should not supply your property with a earth so by changing your water pipe should not affect your main earth.

get in a electrician


Answered 5th Jul 2011

Hi Pol,

The only way you should go about this is to call in a local registered electrician, it is extremly important for your earthing arrangements to be correctly installed and maintained. have a look at the NICEIC website and search for an electrician local to you.


Answered 5th Jul 2011


Firstly your electrical installation should have a distributor earth - this can be one of 3 systems. ( You can verify which type you have by looking near your electricity meter / consumer unit ).

1. TNCS - If you have this you might notice an earth cable going from your electricity cut-out fuse to either an earth block or direct to your conusumer unit.

2. TNS - If you have this you should have an earth taken direct from the sheathing of the incoming electrical supply going direct to an earth block or your consumer unit.

3. TT - If you have this then you will have an earth rod spiked into the earth local to your property ( normally in garden area - should be clearly marked ).

No installation should be relying on either a water pipe or a gas pipe as its main earth. If your water pipe is being replaced with a plastic pipe that will only replace the water main. After the plastic stop tap they will join your houses water on. Ask a plumber to ensure that immediately after the Water companies stop tap there is a small length of copper pipe which you can earth. This should be earthed in 10mm G+Y back to your consumer unit.

If you have no mains earth in the house you should contact your electricity supplier and they will put in ( they might charge ), or they will tell you to get an electrician to put in a earth spike. This earth spike would need to be tested and verified. It certainly is not a DIY job.

Hope that helps and apologies if it is long winded.

NJM Electrical


Answered 5th Jul 2011

contact your electricity supplier, tell them your concerns and they will inspect your supply earthing arrangement and upgrade if necessary


Answered 20th Jul 2011

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