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Moving rooms around in bungalow, can boiler be placed on a single brick interior wall?

We want to swap the kitchen and bedroom over so we would have a bedroom detached from neighbours and the new kitchen opened up into the living room at the centre of the bungalow. We need to know if a boiler can be placed on an interior wall in the new kitchen. The bungalow was built in 1935 and interior walls are single brick and standing on their sides.
Is it possible?

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you can fit a boiler on such a wall as long as you are able to fit the flue up through the roof, regards Terry.


Answered 5th Jul 2011

You can fit the boiler on the wall providing the flue can be fitted to regulations, before you make any decisions you should get advice from a local heating company as to were is best to site the boiler.


Answered 6th Jul 2011

Try getting a local gas safe registered engineer to take a look many new boilers can be fitted in many places nowadays but if you have an old boiler you may be restricted as to where it can legally be situated. lee Our Plumber (East Yorkshire)


Answered 17th Jul 2011

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