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Water found in cavity between glass panels

Due to all the awful rain we've had recently, we have today discovered about 0.5 cm of water in the space between the outside and inside panels of a doubled glazed bathroom window that was fitted just over 2 years ago. It's obviously a leak somewhere in the sealed unit. Is it possible to remove the unit, drain it and providing the outside glass isn't cracked, re-fit it? Or do we need to replace the unit?

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Your window should be covered by a guarantee, however if it isn't, to answer your question, in short the best solution would be to replace the DG unit with a new one, making sure that when it is refitted the unit is raised up on packers & the drainage holes are clear.
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Answered 23rd Jan 2014

As above, the glass is still under guarantee. So who ever fitted it, should replace it for free.


Answered 27th Jan 2014

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