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Have been asked to price brickwork for a new do i bill the customer?1st bill up to damp,2nd up to lintel height.can you please help

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Under normal site conditions you would invoice in the following stages for labour only on a two storey house.
Footings up to DPC level
1st lift is normally from DPC to scaffold height 1.8m high ( Erect scaffold)
2nd lift is up to joist height remember this includes the installation of the lintels and cavity trays.
3rd lift is from joist to Window cill height ( Raise scaffold )
4th lift up to wall plate this includes the installation of the lintels & bedding of wall plate (raise scaffold)
5th lift is gable ends and topping out of chimney ( if any)Remember to charge for the following as work proceeds
Bedding of DPC,s
Cavity wall ties
Cavity Insulation
Cavity trays & Cavity closers
Bedding of lintels & wall Plates
Raking cuts to Gable Ends

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Answered 6th Jul 2011

If its a new build, I would price it on a meterage rate, ie one price per square metre blockwork and the rate for brickwork.
You can do a draw up to the dpc, then another up to first lift, as you are going to have to wait for scaffold to go up, next draw to plate level, then last draw gables and completion.
You might want to allow sums for placing lintols, plates, dpc, insulation and cavity closers etc.
Make sure its agreeable by both parties, and in writing.
I have assumed this is supply of labour only, if your supplying materials etc, then again arrange a payment schedule, maybe when materials are on site.
So long as your both agreeable, there shouldnt be any problems.


Answered 5th Jul 2011

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