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I have a large system in an old farmhouse including a diesel boiler, Geminox wood burner/and other rubbish, a thermo heat store (too small), underfloor heating in some rooms, pipes and pumps galor! (2-3 yrs old) The compnay that fitted it have folded and partly merged with another but not happy at all with their professionalism or workmanship (too many kids). I contacted a local company who came along and were pretty happy to take the maintenace project on, were going to do a complete trace of the works and other stuff but for some reason dont want to speak to me and I assume they dont want to touch it which is worrying me. Where do I go from here. Should I pay for a proper survey (which is quiet difficult as behind walls/under floors etc). I am not convinced that some of the works were completed properly (20k plus work). Should I get a free tracing from this new company even though I am not fussed for them to come up. They fitted some insulation on pipes which plumber friends find histerical (as much use as a chocolate teapot) whcih I over paid for. There are gaps and the insulation was the basic stuff you find in screw fix. The whole thing makes me feel sick and concerned for the future. How do I address this and who do I contact - I am not shy in paying a very professional company to do this and can I get refund for poor workmanship. I am in SE Wales. Thanks

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As a profesinal It makes me sik to hear this kind of thing!!
I would put a strongly worded letter of intent to sue the companies involved together and send it to all of the involved partys, ask for sutible conpensation by each of them.
a SURVEY would be good but costly,
I am a timed served Central heating eng and have good contacts with other good plumbers etc, I will be glad to help out as much as I am able too.

The citizen advice cent are a good source of information.
regards Ashley

Answered 5th Jul 2011


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Contact a local independent plumber and explain exactly your requirements, ask him to prepare a report as to the condition and adequacy of design of the installation

Answered 20th Jul 2011

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