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We have a switch with four dimmers but need one not to dim. can it be wired or adapted to work?

We have a switch with four dimmer switches. All of the lights dim except for one that can't be on a dimmer. Is there a way to modify it to still use the switch but it doesn't dim that particular light? Ie can we keep the switch but adapt it not to dim but just switch on or off? Thx


I don't want to replace the switch as it matches all the others but need a solution using the same switch??? Is there a way to modify that switch??

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You could by modular switches 3x dimmer and 1x normal switch with a 4 gang face plate and 4 gang metal grid switch plate.


Answered 13th Jan 2014

There is no way to modify the existing switch. A new switch will have to be made up as a special out of a kit of parts (called a grid switch, and using three grid dimmer modules and one on/off switch module), probably about £60 for parts for a decent UK make such as MK.


Answered 14th Jan 2014

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