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My plasterboard moves

I have just removed all the wallpaper in my living room to reveal the plasterboard walls .I am going to get the walls skimmed but i have noticed in a few places the plasterboard has a bit of movement , surely if a plasterer skims these areas sooner or later it will crack ?. Can you give me any tips how to stop the plasterboard moving , the plasterboard is fixed with what i presume is dabs of cement behind it rather than being fixed to a wooden frame.

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If you are having the walls skimmed do you want to remove and refit the boards? if not then the best solution would be to drill 10mm holes in the middle the movement area and insert the nozzle of some expanding foam, that should grab both the wall and board and stop your movement.

Answered 4th Jul 2011

Pro Finishing Services

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Get a plasterer to tape the board joints and apply 8mm of Thistle Bonding Coat prior to applying the finish plaster. This will prevent the plasterboards flexing. It will also provide a far more durable & superior finish to your walls.


Paul @ Absolutely Plastered

Answered 4th Jul 2011

Absolutely Plastered

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Find the areas where it is loose and tap the area.
It should have a solid feel when you tap it rather than a hollow sound.
If it's a solid sound,this is where the adhesive dab will be.
Get some drywall screws (60mm should do you & normally 3mm wide) rawlplugs and some M3 galvanised/zinc plated washers.
Drill holes through dabs & into wall where required,push in rawlplugs well into the bricks,below level of board.
Fix in screws with washers level with board.
Boards can then be re-skimmed over.
Don't forget to check areas for cables/pipes with detector before drilling.

Any further advice or questions,please come back on forum.


Answered 4th Jul 2011

carl melady

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Cut out the areas that are moving with a pad saw. Keep the cuts as neat as possible. These areas have become unbonded for one reason or another (probably due to incorrect installation). Now simply re-bond the areas which you have cut out with board adhesive - approximately one dab every 300mm will suffice. The plasterer can scrim the joints when he re-plasters.

Answered 4th Jul 2011


Member since 13 Jun 2010

Who ever has dry lined the boards in the first place has not used enough adhesive . To stop the movement u could take the boards off and re do it or cut a hole in the board where there is movement and fill with adhesive . If u just skimm on the board without sorting this out it will crack 100% .

Hope this helps DM Plastering

Answered 4th Jul 2011

dm plastering

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Sounds like dot/dab and prep work hasnt been done very well, and lack of dabs, plus mechanical fixings.
Get your plasterer to check this all out, hes not going to either carry out the plastering or gaurantee it on boards like that.

Answered 4th Jul 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

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