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Roof only 18 months old, but ridge tile pointing eroded and roof leaking


We had a loft conversion 18 months ago where the roof was completely re-tiled. In the past week the roof has started to leak, water damage suggests it's coming right from the apex. The roofer said over the phone it's probably water being pushed under the lead flashing due to the high winds / large volume of rain. He came to have a look today and has stated the pointing on the ridge tiles has been eroded. This doesn't seem normal even with the heavy rain. Am I being unreasonable to think that the pointing of a newly tiled roof should not get eroded and the roof should still be watertight after 18 months ? We live in North London where the weather has not really been that bad.



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Eroded cement should not allow water ingress, if water is going under the lead and coming into your property you will need lead soakers fitted, check this out on you tube videos.

Answered 22nd Jan 2014


Member since 29 Sep 2010

Regarding your cement work this should not erode in 18 months was the correct mix used on the cement as builders tend to use the same mix on roofs as when laying bricks.Repointing the ridge is a waste of time they need takeing off and rebedding with the correct mix for roof work .As regarding the roof leaking have the tiles got the correct headlap for the pitch of the roof are the flashings soaker and leadwork correctly installed i suggest you get a survey of all works by a good local roofing company and get there responce in writing. Regards Wayne

Answered 12th Aug 2014

BCR Roofing

Member since 11 Aug 2014

Why don't you look at putting a dry ridge system on your roof at least you will alliminate the sand and cement as this is and seems to be the problem, Alrhough I do suggest getting a survey on the overhaul of the roof to be on the safe side I.e check headlap on tiles correct, lead flashing and soakers correct ridge tiles etc

Answered 15th Apr 2016

C. Chiverton Roofing Services

Member since 20 Oct 2015

My opinion is to use lead soakers if it's getting in through there as for the ridge tiles they would need to be relayed using a sand cement pva mix which should be mixed correctly i.e. Would crumble , once dry apply a Reno dry 2r great product , hope this helps

Answered 24th Nov 2016


Member since 28 Aug 2014

Eroded cement wouldnt allow water ingress, it may need lead soakers but apart from thay i would reccomend a dry ridge system which eliminates the cement issue.

Answered 6th Dec 2016

L.L Roofing

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Relying on felt alone is not the answer as all felt even the newest versions of "tyvek" which is considered to be one of the best money can buy , has a saturation point!
Dry vented ridge system would help but if the ridge tiles were bedded on using the correct ratio (3:1 sand:cement) NOT the same as bricklayers 5:1 ! Then it should last 10 years at least, even if exposed to severe weather conditions.

Lead soakers would also work but if the job was done correctly the first time around then there would be no need for soakers on hips and ridge.

Contact your roofer and demand he come and put it right .

Answered 4th Jan 2017

JCNM Roofing Contractors

Member since 3 Jan 2017

As you should have under felt on the roof, some eroded cement on the ridge should not cause it to leak. Suggest you post it on the site and get a roofer to check it out.

Good luck Alex

Answered 8th Jan 2014

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

Even if the cement was to be totaly washed out water should still not get in as the breathable undertile felt should carry the water away down to the guttering.On the lead flashing soakers should have been put in place this carries the water away if it gets passed the flashing. The mix used for bedding and pointing ridges is 3 sand / 1 cement and SBR additive (Bonding agent and waterproofer ).
Get another roofer to check it for you preferably one from another area from where you live

Answered 12th Aug 2014

J-C Roofing Services

Member since 4 Aug 2014

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